How good is your warranty on Quartz and Granite countertops?

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Whenever most home owners read a warranty for a quartz countertop they feel like they have to hire a lawyer.

First of all, granite being a natural stone doesn’t have any warranty what-so-ever. In the case of countertop staining, only one manufacturer, Sensa Granite, has a warranty but it is very limited – only 15 years covering stain resistance “under normal use”. That begs the question is what is normal use? All quartz brands do have limited warrantees varying from 5 years to lifetime, some being transferrable, stating that the product is “ free from manufacturing defects under normal use and service”. Warrantees are structured in such a way that the interpretation of what is covered is very vague.

Presently in Southern Ontario, the vast majority of granite and quartz slab manufactures sell directly to fabricators who then sell countertops and bathroom vanities etc to kitchen & bath stores, cabinet makers, architectural & design firms or directly to the retail consumer.

Obviously, because the slab manufacturer is dependent on the fabricator for distribution of their product, the manufacturer naturally can only afford to interpret the warranty in the most limited terms.

One quartz manufacturer, Cambria, takes a completely different route to market. Not only do they manufacture the slabs but they also fabricate and control the installation of the countertops into the consumer’s home. With this complete control they are directly responsible to the consumer and can afford to offer a much more generous interpretation of their warranty. Cambria has a reputation for producing the highest standard of quartz countertops in the industry, this leads to them having the fewest number of service calls of any of the quartz brands. While not covered by other manufacturers, Cambria will even repair, free of charge, non-warranteed issues of chipping and the extremely rare cases of cracks caused by thermal shock ( hot pot placed directly on the counter) .

After many years in the industry I have come to understand the ins and outs of these “warrantees”, and really you don’t need a lawyer. If you want to ensure your countertop has the best protection, in my opinion, the only warranty that has any value to the homeowner is from Cambria Quartz.


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